Smartfloor Aluminum Floor Solution



The patented Smartfloor is the mobility industry's most innovative floor system! The aluminum floor facilitates a quick and flexible design for the vehicle interior, with individual seats and wheelchairs. The Smartfloor is individually designed to meet specific requirements and consists of different aluminum profiles that are bonded into the vehicle. In this way, a minibus with an empty passenger compartment turns into your own customized vehicle with countless variations for the seating and positioning of wheelchairs.


Please note:

Smartfloor is offered in the USA through our exclusive Smartfloor Dealers. In Canada, please contact us for further information.



  • Individually planned, allows unlimited flexibility

  • Quick & flexible configuration of vehicle’s interior with removable seats

  • Lightweight system floor made of very strong, high-grade aluminum
  • Smartfloor aluminum floor is ISO approved in combination with Protektor wheelchair & occupant restraint system

  • Complies with ADA, FMVSS and is pull-tested to meet rigorous North American standards

  • Approved quick-release lock of M1 seats for anchoring to the floor


You can customize the Smartfloor system floor for your vehicle using our free Smartfloor app for iPad.

Download free Smartfloor app for Apple iPad